BeSomeOne Worldwide brings innovative and sustainable aid to communities in need. Your donation will directly contribute to our current projects which are aimed at improving the quality of life in the villages in which we work. Here are a few of the projects you can contribute toward.


Give the gift of education by sponsoring a child from Namelok School in Terrat through a scholarship that covers school and boarding fees.

Give education

Provide Namelok with the new textbooks for the 2017 curriculum, giving our school the opportunity to continue offering excellent education.

Give opportunity

Give a family  a goat and the opportunity of becoming self sufficient by providing food and the means for a small business.

give sustainability

Contribute towards the construction of our future dormitory that will provide the kids who stay at school all year, a safe place to grow up.

give shelter

With this gift you can provide new clothes, shoes and blankets that give a sense of security to families in the village of Terrat, Tanzania.

Give security

You can make a difference by providing with books and musical instruments that will inspire and bring hope to the youth of Terrat Village.

Give hope

Have an impact by sponsoring a meal plan for a child in the community of Terrat that will provide them with 3 nutritious meals each day.

Give nutrition

Empower women by helping them purchase jewelry supplies for their beadwork which assists them in supporting their families.

Give empowerment

Contribute towards improving the homes of families in Terrat Village the community by providing the means to fix their traditional bomas.

Give a home