Kipawa is a grassroots project aiming to offer women and youth in Northern Tanzania a chance to provide for themselves financially. Each one-of-a-kind handcraft is made by Maasai women in the village of Simanjiro  and by a group of young artisans in the city of Arusha.



By creating a variety of jewelry and other handcrafts, women and young artisans are being empowered to create new opportunities for themselves and give back to their communities in ways that have not been available before.  All of the profits from the sales of their pieces go directly back to the community which directly benefits the school and other ongoing projects. Kipawa, more than just a brand, is an initiative to empower through a model for vocational training, where women and young artisans are taught business and entrepreneurship skills; we work with them hand to hand in the process of creating new products and growing a small business. All profit goes straight back to the community projects, alleviating children’s school fees, empowering women and youths and helping them create new opportunities. 

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PURCHASE Our handmade pieces 

By purchasing a unique handmade piece, you are giving back just as much as you are getting. The handcrafts range from bracelets, rings, and necklaces to African print pants, a very cool alternative for your accessories or a special gift for someone.


Volunteer for Kipawa

There are several ways to create a positive impact in the lives of women and young artisans in Tanzania through our capacity building workshops and jewelry line.  Put your business skills or creative talents to use by partnering with them in the design and execution of products and buisiness development. 


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We created our Give Back initiative to raise awareness about the need that people have in the communities where we work and to give people like you the opportunity to contribute towards improving their livelihood in different areas. You can choose a project you want to sponsor by visiting our online catalogue or you can support Kipawa artisans providing them the gift of empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Empower women by helping them purchase jewelry supplies for their beadwork which assists them in supporting their families.

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Give one of the Kipawa artisans the opportunity of becoming self-sufficient by sponsoring part of their small business and helping it grow. 

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