our work in mexico 

One of the most affected places after the earthquakes in Mexico, is the Istmo of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca, where people of at least 15 communities lost their homes and their source of income (brick ovens for making bread). As a response, BeSomeone has joined forces with members of Ixtaltepec, to create a project that will provide rebuilding their homes and their ovens so they can revitalize the local economy.


project & impact

After the earthquakes, many people in this region lost their homes and their main source of income. The main focus of these project is rebuilding the brick ovens that were damaged during the earthquakes to provide a proactive approach to those who lost it all. This will empower the people to have the means to support their families and rebuild their lives. Not only providing food for families, we will also supply a source of income for people in 15 communities in Oaxaca. 


Provide shelter to the families who lost their homes in the earthquake & revitalize the local economy of communities in Oaxaca through social entrepreneurship. 


The campaign


A simple 'cheers' between friends gives you the power to enable change

For this campaign we joined forces with William Grant and Sons, and Mutuo to bring sustainable rebuilding initiatives to Mexico through #RefuerzaLaVida campaign. Bars and restaurants all over the country are participating in the "cocktails for a cause" campaign by adding a RefuerzaLaVida drink to their menu. With the purchase of every #RefuerzaLaVida drink, a donation will be made to directly provide short-term and long-term relief in Mexico.


Volunteer in Mexico

Join us in our 2018 trip to Mexico and help build ovens and homes in a community in Oaxaca.