Namelok School


Built in 2015, in just a few short years the Namelok School has become a premiere school for the children of the Maasai tribe.  Allowing children to learn and take tests in their native language and not the national language of Swahili allows students to grow and learn at a more successful rate.  The education of young women and girls is also leading to the empowerment of a new generation of leaders in the community.  Education is extremely important to BeSomeOne and the leaders of the Maasai people; together we are creating broader horizons for the tribe’s youth. 


Achievements & impact:

Thanks to generous donations and volunteer work, Namelok school was built in 2014-2015.

Since then, Namelok has enrolled 70 students (Pre-school through Class 3) and has hired a team of six salaried teachers. Both the children and the staff are extremely excited for the opportunity of education. As well as catering to day students, 40% of the children enrolled at Namelok are considered orphaned and are provided with boarding, meals, guidance and security. While education is a priority for every child, the orphaned children are in dire need of a place to call home. BeSomeOne is proud that Namelok is the caring place that meets this basic need.

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Current projects: 

As Namelok continues to grow, 2017 brings many new needs and initiatives for the students, teachers, and community as a whole. BeSomeOne wants to make Namelok more than just a school, but rather a home, a shelter, and a learning center for every Maasai living Terrate Village.