Our work in USA

From Alaska to New York, schools across USA are bringing change with BeSomeOne Worldwide’s latest program, Be The Change. This educational and fun impact program, is created to inspire social progress and awareness. Be The Change enables students to learn exactly how much power their tiny footprints can have all the way around the world by tackling such a large-scale problem with something as small as pocket change. This year, we will be mobilizing youth across America to teach the important lesson of how we all have the power to impact through a specific goal to build a new classroom for Namelok School in Tanzania.  



Be the change centers around a “penny war” fundraising model accompanied by a full “African Safari” curriculum. 

Penny wars 

Schools, classes, sports teams (or however you choose to divide up your teams!) compete against each other to collect coins in a set amount of time. One penny equals one point, but larger denominations subtract points and can be used as a sabotage when put into another team’s bucket. All you need is a container (empty milk jugs work best) and then you can begin collecting change! 


Bringing Be The Change to your school or class requires very few resources, and is a fun way to keep kids engaged and involved while learning the real-world application of lesson plans across a range of subjects. Students will demonstrate their ability in subject areas like geography, social studies, math, science and cultural diversity. Activities such as "wildlife exploration", jewelry making and recommended readings are detailed for the teachers to immerse their students in African culture while they have an impact. 


Our first program was launched in 2014 when the students of one classroom in a small town in Tennessee, USA learned about how their friends on the other side of the globe had to walk 10 hours each day just to fetch water for their families. The students were spurred to action and after two weeks, the program racked up a total of 139,013 pennies! That translates to over 2 million Tanzanian shillings ... helping fund the construction of a water reservoir in Moduli, Tanzania.  

These kids’ helping hands impacted the lives of over 8,000 villagers in Tanzania, and the project sparked the idea to create the worldwide social impact program: Be The Change. Since the launch,  programs over the years have contributed to the the construction of:

  • A water reservoir for the village   
  • A school for the village (The Namelok School in Simanjiro, Tanzania)
  • A sustainable water source for the school (Rain Harvest Tank)

Through the construction of the school and water resources, families and children in Tanzania are now able to more easily fulfill their basic needs of water, so they can work towards making education a priority.

This year's goal

The goal of this year’s Be The Change program is to gather funds toward infrastructure for a classroom, water initiatives and educational materials for BeSomeone’s programs at Namelok. As our students have grown, so has our school. Our building needs to grow along with them. Our goal for you to have impact across the globe and through Be The Change, continue providing education and empowerment to a new generation of leaders!


Get involved

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