The Program

There are many opportunities to volunteer abroad, but there are few hands on projects that promote a meaningful exchange like Be Someone. We build each and every volunteer trip around the village’s immediate need; this year we will be hosting volunteers to spend their summer making a difference by facilitating construction projects, women’s empowerment initiatives, and education expansion.

As a volunteer, you will experience up close the Maasai way of life as you live and interact on a day-to-day basis with the friendly people of this village. You will learn about their culture as we work together to bring a positive change to the community. 


Projects & work

We have two main projects in the Maasai village: Namelok school and Kipawa jewelry line. During the volunteer program activities will focus on improving both initiatives through different projects. Depending on your talents and interests you will be: 

  • Working with the women to create our jewelry line
  • Building and working on construction projects for Namelok School 
  • Building and maintaining traditional mud houses (Bomas)
  • Participating in different workshops with the kids of Namelok School

To learn more of a typical day in a life of a volunteer click here. 


Location: Tanzania, Africa

This year BeSomeOne Worldwide will be hosting volunteers to spend their summer supporting income-generating projects in a Maasai community in Simanjiro, Tanzania in Africa. 

Program fees

Program Fee $500

Volunteers will be responsible to pay a program fee of $500 upfront. This will cover all costs of lodging, transportation, and entertainment from when you arrive in Arusha until your departure. We separate this cost because 100% of the money you raise goes toward the project. This portion of the trip covered by the program fee will consist of nice accommodations, delicious food and lots of fun! 

Fundraising Fee $1500

Every volunteer is asked to raise $1,500 as their contribution to the materials and labor required to make this project possible. Be Someone is happy to assist in the raising of these funds and can provide marketing materials and other tools to help you in your effort. Do not let the fundraising worry you; we make it easy by helping you along the way equipping you with plenty of fun, creative ideas to reach your goal.

Airfare (Pricing range $700- $1500)

Each volunteer must purchase their own airfare to and from Tanzania. 


Accomodation & meals


  • While on the worksite we will be staying in very modest accommodations, sleeping in bunk beds in the volunteer's room
  • Staying with Host Families is optional and can be arranged for a night
  • In Arusha we will stay in a hostel

Volunteer requirements

  • Volunteers need to be 21 years or over to participate
  • Have adequate travel insurance 
  • Cover the program fee & fundraise fee 

Post volunteer expeditions

Tanzania is a country that is well known for its cultural diversity and natural beauty.  After your time in the village, you will have the option to combine your volunteer trip with one of these Tanzanian adventures: 

  • Go on safari to the Ngorongoro Crater, where you will see zebras, giraffes, elephants, other wildlife!
  • Join an expedition to climb Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Spend a few days relaxing in the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar

*Please note that the logistics and cost of these experiences are not included in the program fee. You are able to join a group excursion or we can also advise you so you have the best experience, but it is your responsibility to organize and pay for the expedition you choose to do. 



Why join?

This program offers everything you should expect from a volunteer program. Your work has a direct positive impact in this community; you will see it as soon as you arrive and start to work. You will immerse yourself into Maasai culture, learn about their way of life and experience it firsthand as you work closely with each project. And best of all, after all of your hard work you will have the opportunity to relax on Zanzibar island, go on safari in Ngorongoro Crater, or for the more adventurous, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.