Every individual has the power to make a difference.


Our Mission

How We Succeed

BeSomeOne Worldwide puts social responsibility in action by identifying and implementing innovative ways to bring sustainable and hands-on aid to developing communities in need. Our multi-faceted approach of raising much-needed funds, delivery vital infrastructure, providing vocational training programs and facilitating quality education allows for BSO to empower communities that need it most.

BeSomeOne Worldwide selects specific projects in rural community’s that are considered to be in great need and leads all fundraising and PR efforts for each initiative. Much of our operational success is due to our belief in designating local leads of each community who are equally passionate to make a difference. The final, and ultimately the cornerstone of BeSomeOne, are the teams of volunteers that are organized to work locally and abroad to facilitate and execute the project at hand.


How many cares one loses when one decides not to
— Coco Chanel