our philosophy

we believe that You have the power to make a difference and that together we can bring change and be someone. 




BeSomeone is a volunteer lead and run organization based in New York City dedicated to bringing sustainable projects to places and people who need it most. We call social responsibility into action by creating projects that encourage creativity and innovation in order to have a positive impact in communities both on a domestic and global scale. Our multi-faceted approach of raising much-needed funds, delivering vital infrastructure, providing vocational training programs and facilitating quality education allows us to empower communities. 


Our story

BeSomeOne was founded in the summer of 2012.  The idea was a volunteer trip to Africa, but the reality was that there wasn’t a trip that existed that was contributing positive impact in a tangible way.  

By combining their efforts, six women from all different backgrounds and with different skill sets decided to roll up their sleeves, got creative, and devised a new kind of organization that would take volunteering to the next level. Since its birth at a table in midtown Manhattan, BeSomeOne has strived to make a difference in communities on both a local and global scale.



We select specific projects in rural community’s that are considered to be in great need and leads all fundraising efforts for each initiative. Much of our operational success is due to our belief in designating local leads of each community who are equally passionate to make a difference. The final, and ultimately the cornerstone of BeSomeOne, are the teams of volunteers that are organized to work locally and abroad to facilitate and execute the project at hand.  

Our approach works because unlike most projects that rely heavily on full time employees, we work with villages to partner with their immediate needs with people in the US who want to give back their spare time to something bigger.