we are besomeone worldwide


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing sustainable projects to the places and people who need them most. We invest in communities by connecting them with both resources and innovative solutions with a focus on education, disaster relief and empowerment.



BeSomeone calls social responsibility into action by creating projects, locally and globally, that are both sustainable and innovative. Our multi-faceted approach of raising much-needed funds, delivering vital infrastructure, providing vocational training programs and facilitating quality education allows us to empower communities around the world.


Our Philosophy

We believe that every individual has the power to make a difference and together we can generate great positive change.

We believe in the power of community and our goal is to take a proactive approach to impact the world, using people as resources and their talents to do so.

We believe that YOU have the power to  BeSomeone. 



BeSomeone selects specific projects in rural communities, and sees them through from inception to completion. We are involved in all aspects of planning, fundraising and execution. Much of our operational success is due to our belief in designating local leads in each community who are equally passionate to make a difference. The final, and ultimately the cornerstone of BeSomeone, are the teams of volunteers that are organized to work locally and abroad to facilitate and complete the project at hand.  

Our approach works because our volunteers work on the ground with our partners giving back their skills and their time for a bigger cause. Together, our team approach brings projects to completion and creates lasting relationships.