BeSomeOne Worldwide brings innovative and sustainable aid to communities advancing education, disaster relief and women's empowerment. You can have an impact by choosing one of our initatives that resonates with you. 


Directly donate to BeSomeone and our bold decisions of tackling development in 2018!

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Donate to #refuerzalavida | mexico

For communities in Mexico devastated by recent earthquakes, the business of rebuilding homes and livelihoods must begin. At BeSomeone, we have teamed up with partners in rural areas of Oaxaca to start addressing these needs. Together we will be building homes and brick ovens, since baking bread is the primary source of income for this region and most of the ovens were destroyed.  Learn more.

Provide shelter for families who lost their homes in the earthquake.


Revitalize the economy and help feed families by donating to our oven reconstruction project.


Donate to namelok School | AFRICA

BeSomeone's vision to build a premiere educational center with equality for boys and girls was fulfilled in 2015 with the opening of The Namelok School. This special school continues grow and empower a new generation of leaders, at the same time that it stays true to the Maasai culture. Help us achieve our 2018 goals by donating to these projects!

Give the gift of opportunity to our students at Namelok School by contributing to a scholarship.


Sponsor a meal plan for kids in Namelok School supplying nutrition for our learning minds.


Help us build 2 new classrooms so that we can continue to grow Namelok School


Donate to our maasai community | AFRICA

We are commited to our work in the Terrat community by involving the tribes leaders and families to invigorate positive growth. 

Contribute towards improving the lives of families in Terrat  by supplying the community with clean water from a new rain harves system. 


Gift a family a goat and the opportunity of becoming self sufficient by providing food and the means for a small business.


Donate to empower | AFRICA


Empower women by helping them purchase jewelry supplies for Kipawa and their beadwork which assists them in supporting their families.